Sunday, September 15, 2013

Skin Management - Step 2

Create fabulous skin for the summer months
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Moisturise Your Released Skin

In our last newsletter we learned how to create an easy but effective skin exfoliator to remove the built up dead skin cells from our winter layover.
The next step to creating beautiful skin is to "feed" the newly exposed, but delicate, tissues that have been brought to the fore.  A cream or lotion is a great product for maintaining well kept skin, but for a post winter overhaul it is often best to bring out the big guns - the body butter.
A true body butter is a combination of butters and oils that can be used to infuse the skin with the fats it needs to maintain itself well.  However, this type of product has a greasy feel to it that takes a while to soak in which can impact our busy lives.  The commercial body butter has become much more popular in recent times as the thick cream base is absorbed more readily taking much needed water through the skin and into the layers below as well as the same oils contained in the traditional body butter.

For those who like to have their products made for them ready to personalise we have a body butter base available ready to use.
But, if you have been looking for your own body butter recipe that uses almond oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter and mango butter in its creation we have one for you right here.

Use liberally after exfoliating in the bath or shower to feel smooth and free!

Coconut Body Butter

For a thick body butter you can make from scratch yourself try this awesome recipe.

Round Bath Bomb Moulds

After many requests to stock round bath bomb moulds we have managed to source some  at last.

Mini French Apothecary Jars

With small candle popularity on the rise these cute little 130ml treasures had to join our glassware collection.

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