Monday, November 22, 2010

Lately I have been getting a few enquiries from people who are unsure about the beeswax they should be using for their product, and what the difference is between them. It is time to solve the mystery.

Here at Heirloom we have 4 different types of beeswax - natural block, natural beeswax sheets, golden pellets and white. All of these are interchangeable (except for rolled beeswax candles), so if you have one type already you should be able to use it for your application. However, if you need to purchase beeswax for the item you would like to make why not get the one
most suitable for your needs.

All the forms of beeswax use the same INCI name of Cera Alba. The difference in their colour and nature comes from the way it is treated once it has been taken from the hives.
Natural Beeswax Block
Natural Beeswax Block   is cleaned only using fine seives and strainers to remove any foreign objects from the heated wax. This system is used by beekeepers to clean their wax to leave it as unadulterated as it can be. Natural beeswax differs in colour from near white through almost black depending on the season and the flowers the bees have been foraging to create their wax. The natural beeswax has a very defining aroma that may be used to enhance your products appeal. This aroma is sought by those wishing to make natural beeswax candles. We supply this beeswax in block or beeswax sheet form.
If you wish to use products that are as close to nature as possible then this is the one for you.

Beeswax Sheet
Natural Beeswax Sheets.  As previously mentioned these are predominantly used by people wishing to make rolled beeswax candles by incorporating a length of braided candle wick at the edge of a sheet of wax and simply (but carefully) rolling the wax sheet up.  It can be cut to different shapes and designs if desired to give different effects, heights and thicknesses.

The Golden beeswax pellets are put through additional clay filters to remove any colour inconsistencies and impurities in the wax. It is then  dripped onto moving conveyers for pellet manufacture.
Golden Beeswax Pellets
Golden beeswax pellets are excellent to use where consistency of colour is important to you, or you wish to create golden coloured beeswax candles. The pelleted form makes weighing out of small amounts a snap and would be highly recommended for those who only create small batches of product. The golden beeswax has very little odour as it is tied to the components that have been filtered out.
If colour, ease of use or lack of aroma is important to you then this is your product of choice.

White Beeswax Pellets
White beeswax pellets are naturally filtered and  bleached to remove all colour from the wax to ensure it does not discolour products that are required to remain white in appearance, such as creams, white lip balms, lotions or for products that require a consistant base colour to start from such as lipsticks. If you like your products a pristine white colour this will suit your needs.

All these beeswax types can be purchased from 

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