Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coconut oils

There is much confusion amongst crafters regarding coconut oil.
There are several types available of which we have 4 - Extra virgin, virgin (both organic), RBD (Refined, bleached, deodorised) and fractionated.

Both virgin and extra virgin coconut oil are great organic products that have a very fresh, natural, coconut fragrance to them.  They can be consumed as they are a food grade product, but are also great for use in creams and lotions where the extra purity of a product that is going to sink into your skin is desired most.

RBD coconut oil is fabulous when used in soap manufacture. Dried coconut meat, or copra is  pressed to extract the oil.  Contaminants are then removed during the refining process which involves heating and filtering. The odour is extremely mild and will not compete with any added fragrances and the standardised colour does not morph any additional colourants that may be used.  This allows a very consistent end product time after time.  This product is still of food grade and is similar to copha found in supermarket refrigerators. 
Virgin, extra virgin and RBD coconut are all solid to around 24ÂșC and are liquid above this temperature which can make them awkward to work with for some applications.

Fractionated coconut oil has been manipulated to remove the long-chain fatty acids - the solidifying components of the oil.  This allows it to be liquid all year round adding a known viscosity to a recipe.  This quality means it can be used for creams and lotions ensuring a regular texture that does not fluctuate throughout the seasons, easily absorbed oil rubs and moisturising facial sprays etc.

Choose the right oil for your needs to get the best results possible.

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