Friday, October 29, 2010

Feedback please

I have had feedback from people that our home page is too wordy and "boring" to bother reading through. I have tried to simplify this and make it easier to work through. If you have a minute would you mind having a look and letting me know your honest thoughts please?


  1. It is definitely more direct now Kerry. I liked the 'story' you had before, however I will admit that after I had read it a couple of times I didn't do that again.

    If you liked the core of what you had before, why not condense that into a short paragraph, then keep that paragraph there and update around it on a regular basis?

  2. Thank you for the comment. I tried to keep most of the "story" there for those who wanted a read. Have I taken too much out of it?
    I really want to make this interesting for those who visit, and truly appreciate your comment.

    As you are the first one who has answered please put "KerrySaid" in the message box for a $5.00 discount on your next order :-)

  3. Hi Kerry, Feedback regarding yourwebsite. I find the font a bit hard to read. (Colour and size). Other than that, I love your website, it is informative and wide ranging in products. Kindest regards Susan