Friday, June 19, 2009

Fragrance Woes.
You have to love Australian fragrance manufacturers. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to wanting your business and all, but when it comes to making a product that suits your application the story changes. Take soap fragrances for example. If I want a fragrance for use in creams, extruded soaps and melt and pour they will fall over themselves trying to get my business. Tell them I want it for cold process and the reaction is not the same.
Cold process soap making changes the fragrances and makes them a different creature all together. They need a different base composition and the filler used needs a little work and manipulation before it will become friendly with that alkaline base we are using. They shy away from it as there is "little market for such a fragrance". How many soap makers out there think our number is not sufficient to justify them making a product just for us?

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  1. I have found fragrance manufacturers, ie compounding from base materials in Austraila few and far between. Of course they can make fragrances which are suitable but I get the distinct impression from talking to manufacturers/compounders in Australia that they just plain and simple don't know how to do it. It takes time an patience to get to know what works and doesn't and the manufacturers are happier producing products which are suitable for industrial cleaning because it is firstly bulk work and then also it is easy. I have not found them inovative scent wise either, they don't do what I call fine fragrances. The smells are plain and not innovative I am yet to come across something from the Australian ones that makes me not want to put it down and keep sniffing it, even the dupes are way off and then they have problems as you mentioned. I just don't bother even trying anymore, I don't have the time to mess around with them.