Friday, September 18, 2009

New Essential Oils

At last we have bitten the bullet and sourced some great new Essential Oils.
I have been putting off purchasing Sandalwood EO for ages due to the endangered nature of the species. BUT... here in Australia they are producing oil from managed plantation trees that will not cost the species the numbers that will cause their population to dwindle - go Aussies!

We also have brought in that wonderful oil Palmarosa, as well as the gorgeous White Grapefruit.
If there is an essential oil that we dont have yet that you feel would be highly beneficial please drop us a line or leave a comment and we will consider adding it to the range.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Liquid Castile Soap

Our liquid castile soap base had been growing in popularity an enthusiasm by our customers, but sadly our supplier has been out of contact for quite a while and we have been unable to restore our supply. This has led us to having to drop this line, though we hope temporarily.
In its place we now have an ORGANIC liquid castile soap which can be found on our site here
A gorgeous product that can only be an improvement being from all organic oils.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freight Wars

Last week our Fastways Courier driver approached me with some better freighting prices in an attempt to get more of our business. I was absolutely stoked. For a company that had to fight to get a courier out to our more remote location I am now being encouraged to send more with him.
As more and more of our customers are going with the default option of Australia Post (who have just increased their prices AGAIN) the couriers are becoming extremenly price competitive in many regions.
A box check of "best way" on the website will see us weigh up your options to get you the best freighting option to your street address. Of course, if you have selected a PO box our hands are tied and parcels are sent Australia Post.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lip Balm Display Boxes
How awesome is this!!
I have just found these cute little unlabelled lip balm display boxes that will enable people to display lip balms at their market stalls or in shops without the massive costs of the larger ones, or susbstantial sized orders. At this stage I have only ordered the white ones (as this colour seems to be more popular) but in time I may yet be convinced to carry both.
I am so stoked!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

True to their word

I have received samples of two vanilla fragrances to try, and to pick holes in. I have had it suggested that I use the fragrances at 2% of the weight of oils. Huh!! Not happening!! If I want a fragrance to work for my customers it has to withstand discounting and fragrance overload as a minimum. What is the point of it working at 2% if the standard usage is 3% with some people preferring to take it higher? I just nod my head sagely, and agree. It has to work in soap, and I will test it as I see fit. We will see what comes of it all.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fragrance Woes.
You have to love Australian fragrance manufacturers. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to wanting your business and all, but when it comes to making a product that suits your application the story changes. Take soap fragrances for example. If I want a fragrance for use in creams, extruded soaps and melt and pour they will fall over themselves trying to get my business. Tell them I want it for cold process and the reaction is not the same.
Cold process soap making changes the fragrances and makes them a different creature all together. They need a different base composition and the filler used needs a little work and manipulation before it will become friendly with that alkaline base we are using. They shy away from it as there is "little market for such a fragrance". How many soap makers out there think our number is not sufficient to justify them making a product just for us?